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Mission Statement

The "American Gothic Cat Club" (TAGCC) is a non-profit organization that has been created to help bring together people with an interest in cats.

 Our primary goals include promoting responsible cat ownership, feline education and to support a variety of different organizations that provide assistance to cats and their owners in times of need....

 ...AND...(of greatest Importance) TO HAVE FUN!! 

The club will sponsor one cat show a year bringing together the exquisite world of the pedigreed cat, with our "Household Pets" and all of us who love them.


Cat Associations

Cat Breeders


Peoria's 40th Annual Cat Show

About Us

The "American Gothic Cat Club" (TAGCC) has been created to bring together people with a common interest in cats.  The club was originally named "Country Cousins Cat Club", which has been in existence in Peoria, for around 33 years.  In order to reflect a new direction and a new involvement with the community, we thought it best to change the name to help provide that "new start".  While we are very appreciative of all that went on in the past and all who kept the club, shows, etc., going for all those years, it is a new world, with new challenges that need to be faced.  WITH A new name and a new sense of direction, we are looking forward to doing so.


The club itself is affiliated with CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association, but many club members are also associated with TICA - The International Cat Association and ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association, all of whom represent and are registries of "pedigreed" cats.  While breeding and exhibiting pedigreed cats is certainly a major part of the cat show / exhibitor world, we do not limit our interests just to them, but include all cats, whether they have "papers", or not.  The "Household Pets" (HHP) entries are an important part of our shows and we welcome anyone to participate.  Please see "requirements" for more information.


The most noticeable activity this club will have is the show it will put on each year in the central Illinois area.  We currently put together one show in September each year.  While the show may be the most visible activity, we hope to put a great deal of effort into supporting our local community and the CFA community as well.